Wednesday, 20 April 2011

recycle, reuse... 5 ways

Thom is now three weeks into the fun, extremely messy adventure of eating solids. With all these exciting new tastes comes a whole heap of tiny glass jars...

Luckily I've discovered they're the perfect size for...

diy fairy lights


dressing on the go

storing custom colour

a single bloom

There's probably a hundred other uses for these cute little jars. Buttons, beads... How do you reuse them?


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  1. I love reusing jars. your pics are all so cute. Makes me wish I had baby food jars. You can collect them fast! I just painted all my lids black. Chalk board paint would be even better, but that would have meant a trip to Home Depot.

  2. Love the Chalk board paint idea Annie! Perfect for my spices...