Thursday, 14 April 2011

desperately seeking side table...

In preparation for our littley reaching his next exciting (and perhaps terrifying) milestone, crawling, I need to rethink some of our furniture...

First up is the side table next to our sofa.., currently a treasured antique Moroccan tea table (it's actually my mother's but I've kind of claimed it).

To replace it, I'm on the hunt for something sturdy (ie. baby proof) a little bit interesting and fingers crossed... budget friendly. Looks wise, I think I'd like something embellished or patterned.., to break up all the wood we have already...

These four are the faves so far (the rectangular ones anyway) -

contemporary, moroccan, nesting... from  Hamimi. What's not to like!? 

I heart Spacecraft  and this little table's no exception.

 vintage inspired at Coco Republic in lovely green & storage to boot.

I know it's more wood, but this clever number from Small Australian Projects is also a mobile bookshelf, neat! 

Any other suggestions, would be greatly appreciated! :)

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