Thursday, 7 April 2011

hello autumn...

We're a week into April and this morning felt like cooler weather may finally be on the way... Woo hoo! I'm totally a winter person so this is pretty exciting!

To celebrate I've begun the annual sort through my winter wardrobe (to see if anything still fits), dug out anything fleecy and generally started thinking about cosifying the house...

This also means Thom will at last get to enjoy his beautiful patchwork blanket!
His very clever great grandmother knitted it for him before he was born and it's been folded away for safe keeping ever since... It's made from the softest lambswool and each square is a different type of stitch. 


  1. Is that a new blog header I spot? Or am I just going crazy? Love it either way!

    I also adore crochet little max has one too!

    Hope you've had a great week...


  2. Thanks Anna, well spotted!
    I thought as a 3 week veteran blogger, it was about time I personalize things a bit...

    Yep Weekend already! Hope you have a lovely one...

    E xx