Wednesday, 27 April 2011

my long long long weekend at home

I'll admit I'm more than the occasional homebody, but over the last five days, I may have reached a new level... I literally left the house once the entire time!

The original plan for Easter was quite hectic, involved driving all over the countryside visiting our nearest and dearest, several DIY projects, a couple of good long walks and perhaps even a trip to the gallery...

That all changed when Thom came down with his first full blown cold. It came on thick and fast and left the poor little guy in no mood for any of our planned outings. So after my husband made a quick visit to the nearest day & night chemist, we bunkered down for a long weekend in...

Easter toiling away in the garden

It wasn't so bad actually (for us two anyway, although I'm sure Thom had a different experience). The positives were no Easter traffic to contend with, we managed to get quite a bit done around the place, we ate exceptionally well and after some quiet time and lots of cuddles, it looks like our little one is on the mend too...

project in progress...

a batch of Anzacs to get us going


  1. Love the picture of the butterfly chairs in the garden...and those cookies, not sure if that's what Anzacs are exactly, but they look delicious!

  2. Annie, ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) biscuits were originally sent to soldiers during WW1 due to their long shelf life. Now they're homemade or sold around our national day of remembrance. The basic ingredients are always the same, however everyone seems to have a preference for how they are baked, either a chewy or crunchy. I definitely prefer mine chewy. Here's a classic recipe.