Wednesday, 9 November 2011

a little reinvention, part two.

Thanks to a bunch of generous compliments from sweet blogger friends, I'm carrying on with
my new hobby and my desk is now covered with little boxes, dishes and bottles of beads, beads, beads...

Today I wrangled this piece together, from a strand of amber and a vintage Moroccan necklace. Both of have been sitting idle in my jewellery box for quite some time. I added a sprinkling of jet (I love jet) and a length of black satin ribbon that I had on hand. I think I might upgrade to a slightly thinner grosgrain though. I love grosgrain too...

This beading thing is such fun! It's been less than a week, I have two new additions to my wardrobe and it hasn't cost me a cent...


  1. Another lovely creation... I love the side-tie ribbon on this one!

  2. This is so gorgeous! And to think you had these beads already...It could be worn with all black and quite formal or as you have sown here with a strip T...It's probably quite comfortable with the satin ribbon around your neck...I also love how you have the side-tie ribbon. Beautiful photos too!

  3. I think your necklaces are gorgeous! And the ribbon idea is excellent.

    I repaired a glass bead necklace with that transparent elastic sting stuff, and it's hopeless. I may follow your lead! Actually, I'm going to look for ribbon now!