Monday, 7 November 2011

Bananas are back!!

Paul Colin's Josephine Baker. Amazing!!
It's been a tough ol year for bananas.. First the Carnavon crops were flooded and then Cyclone Yasi wiped out what was left of a vital industry here in Queensland! Many livelihoods were devastated and an Aussie fruit bowl staple became a rare luxury.

Yasi's devastation captured by photo journalist Rob Maccoll
The good news is, after many months, things look to be on the up... At the front door of my grocery store on the weekend was a sight for sore eyes. An abundant display of banana yellow goodness topped with a ticketed price that was almost back to normal!

So yesterday to celebrate we did as Jack Johnson would and made a batch of banana pancakes for breakfast... Yum!!

Mmm bananas and butter...

Sunday breakfasts just got a whole lot yummier!
Today Thom had banana topped weetbix, I'm having a banana smoothie for lunch and I think I'll pop to the shops for a couple more bunches and whip up a banana and walnut loaf for tomorrow's morning tea...

What's your favourite banana recipe?

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