Saturday, 5 November 2011

a little reinvention, part one.

Earlier this week a favourite, albeit rarely worn necklace fell to pieces in my hands. It was a very long strand of deco hued jet, jade and creamy onyx beads by Day Birger et Mikkelsen.

With a heavy heart, I swept up the remains and was about to relegate them to the jewellery/clothes/random stuff in need of repair cupboard.., when all those images of the gorgeous girls at the Cup decked out in 'Statement' baubles, came flooding back to me. (I should note, I was nowhere near the Melbourne Cup, rather having a tres low key celebration at home, just Thom and I with vegemite sandwiches, in front of the telly).

Thus inspired, I rifled through my bead jars and ribbon box and pulled together some random bits and bobs that might work with the onyx... Then I got to work threading...

A couple of hours later and voila!! One homemade 'Statement' necklace!

Not too bad and so fun to do!  Next I'd like to create something dramatic with the jet and jade perhaps. Then maybe a couple of colourful trinkets for my nieces for Christmas...

 Look out, someones got the beading bug...


  1. Oh my! I think that's absolutely spectacular. You're very clever to have done that! Really, really gorgeous!

    You wait for the compliments to start rolling in when you wear that out!!

  2. Hi El! That is indeed a most wonderful necklace! I too have a necklace that needs reinventing... thanks to you I'm feeling inspired to do it now. It's been on my 'to do' list ever since it fell apart at the start of last year!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful piece you created! Love the photos too!

  4. Thanks Ladies, you are all very generous!! Now I just need an occasion to wear it...

  5. How absolutely beautiful - wonder whether it would be inappropriate to hint at a forthcoming birthday just now :-)

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous Elle, you clever thing. Your little neices would be delighted with some new handmade beaded necklaces for xmas(a little simpler than this amazing one of course)x x x