Wednesday, 30 November 2011

colour or neutral?

Yesterday I picked up a couple of bedside tables I won on Ebay...

We were in desperate need of new bedsides (not my husbands opinion exactly) and these two fitted the bill. The price was right; they're in great condition; have drawers to stash things away from little fingers and (non dust collecting) space underneath for all those books I never get around to reading.

But before they take pride of place in our bedroom, the one thing they do need is a colour make over. Currently a wishy washy grey (very 80's Gold Coast apartment), they need a little drama to bring them up to date.

There's so many great examples of vintage cane refinished in bold colour right now and so I was thinking maybe a beautiful peacock or teal blue...

Or do I go neutral?? I don't think white is right for these, the cane is too fussy and our walls are a blah cream colour.. A soft charcoal could be kind of cool, what do you think??


  1. A great ebay win! I would go the charcoal myself... but then, I'm a sucker for a nice grey. Please update us when you've finished them!

  2. Hi. I think definitely a colour. White or blue or charcoal.... depends on your plans for the rest of the room. It is amazing what white can do! Wendy

  3. 'No' to white.

    Definitely a teal or peacock. Great thinking.

    I was going to suggest orange, but I think a teal would give some longevity to the paint job.

    And then add more colour via accessories.

  4. Oh these are fabulous...I think a fun color would be great...but a charcoal could be nice...I personally tend to stay with neutral, but when I see color...I love it. I'm thinking orange or pink.

  5. Mmm interesting...! Thanks for your input ladies, it seems a pretty even split so far... I'm still torn myself, but am heading to the paint store this weekend regardless. Watch this space...