Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas has come early..

with the latest Inside Out!

Although I rarely buy magazines these days (a. I never have the time to read them and b. there's so much inspiration out there in blogland and in online mags), I couldn't go past this issue.
It's chock full of really beautiful and contemporary ideas for a southern hemisphere Christmas; beach side homes that made me yearn for Summer hols and pages and pages of all round gorgeousness in between!

This along with Anna Spiro's divine Summer Vignette has definitely got me in a festive mood.. Bring on Christmas, I can't wait!!


  1. lovely colors! I can not imagine Christmas in summer!

  2. christmas is at red ticking... come take a peek... and i am loving your blog... it is charming... xx pam

  3. Yes Alicia, Christmas in the sun is a little different. Christmas Lunch for example is often prepared on the BBQ and eaten alfresco, followed by a siesta and a dip in the pool or a run under the sprinkler to cool off.

    I've always dreamt of having a white Christmas, even if it's just the once...

    Thanks Red Ticking, just visited your lovely blog and website..! Your store looks just gorgeous!!

  4. I;m loving all of this...especially that wreath with the berries and succulents and the little advent stockings below...so cute!