Wednesday, 30 March 2011

rain rain go away...

If you're here to stay however,  I'd like a pair of these please...


  1. I love Hunters too! When I was in NY in January we went to Bloomingdales the first night we arrived as it was snowing and I needed to buy some and there were about 40 women in the shoe department of Bloomingdales buying Hunter boots, wearing Hunter boots, talking about Hunter boots and basically going crazy over Hunter boots. It was a sight for sore eyes!! They sold out of Hunter boots that night in the Bloomingdales store in was amazing!

    BTW - thanks for your tip with the yoghurt on the pots. I am going to try that this weekend. I had been wondering how to age them!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. Bloomingdales Soho is a great store isn't it? Last time I was there it was Summer and the entire beauty hall was full of sunflowers... I've always wanted to visit NY in winter though, the photos of from your trip look quite magical.

    As I'm unlikely to be heading over there (or anywhere in the northern hemisphere) for a while, I've found a site that ships Hunter's for free to oz and they're on sale too... :)