Wednesday, 23 March 2011

greening the fingers...

Both of my parents are incredible gardeners, as is my Nan... My Sister's not bad either and for my Brother, gardening is his bread and butter...

I, on the other hand, have always been absolutely rubbish at keeping anything green alive.

green inspiration at Cloudlake

However, with average to poor quality 'fresh' veg on offer  at our local supermarkets (or not, my husband went to 3 just to get coriander), I am determined to have another crack at growing your own...

So out I went and bought punnets of herbs, an 'easy grow' tomato, pots and potting mix, as well a couple of interesting succulents & a pretty ginger thingee (I know you can't eat those last couple but I'm a sucker for succulents...).

Got them home... a week went by and true to form no gardening happened (other than checking that my new little plants were still alive).

Then after spending an inspirational couple of days up at Cloudlake and motivated by a recent post about Anna's kitchen garden on Absolutely Beautiful Things, I finally donned some gardening gloves and got stuck in...

small beginnings

Voila!  Now we have (or will have with some ongoing tlc) lovely fresh herbs and the makings of a striking new 'green' centre piece for our outdoor table.

Those close to me are understandably sceptical... but I'm confident this time will be different.
Just have to remember to water...


  1. From little things big things grow ! -

    pardon the pun xx :-)

  2. I am sure you don't give yourself enough credit! I am surrounded by good cooks in my family and therefore I think I am not a good cook! However, every now and then I surprise myself and cook something wonderful. Glad to have possibly helped to inspire you to put on the gardening gloves. Your parents property looks divine but then I think I went to school with your sister and I remember how beautiful their old property at Wellington point was too! I hope my garden will be as beautiful one day!!!

    I will continue to follow your blog.

  3. Thanks Anna you're very kind... I've been following your 'beautiful' blog ever since we moved back to Bris and it always inspires!

    And yes small world... I believe you did go to school with my sister Madeliene. I'll say hi next time I catch up with her... She and her husband live on the Sunshine Coast with their two gorgeous girls.

    Cheers for now
    El x