Tuesday, 29 March 2011

denim & tweed cont...

Autumn weather seems a little closer today... so I thought I'd get busy sewing up those new (denim with tweed) cushions I wrote about last week.

I made two cushions  in denim backed with tweed and one tweed and linen, appliqued with black pincord. They turned out quite well and are definitely cuddle worthy.

Much to my husband's bewilderment, I've been guilty in the past of buying cushions made of scratchy and/or overly embellished fabrics. He doesn't see the point if they're not a comfy addition to our sofa. Fair point I guess...

These hopefully will get the seal of approval, especially as they're made out of a pair of his favourite old jeans...

My first attempt at the denim/tweed combo, was less than successful though.
I thought I'd have a crack at patchwork and the result (below) was less than great... No square lined up and the whole panel ended up being very bumpy.  I think this was mainly due to my ad hock approach.

Patchwork might be one of those crafts where it pays to read the instructions. Anyway the process was fun and I'll definitely have another stab at it.

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