Friday, 9 March 2012

M is for Monogram

We reached a small but important milestone recently, Thom started daycare.. 

Aside from mentally preparing for my little one venturing out into the world for the first time, sans me or his dad, I had a list of stuff to organise in preparation. 

He had a little kit to pull together, for which I sewed this little bag and then everything had to be labelled..  Scribbling initials everywhere with a permanent marker is the easiest solution, but far from the prettiest. 

Luckily I already had a bunch of simple iron-on letters left over from some forgotten project, so that took care of Thom's new bag.
It also got me looking for ideas for more inspired ways to identify your stuff..

Who could forget the bespoke L.V. luggage featured in Wes Anderson's

or posh Goyard..! I snapped these beauties stacked outside their historic
Rue Saint-Honore store.

A monogrammed stamp of ones very own would be pretty special. I love the deco feel
of this one, found here on Etsy.

Or maybe a pretty monogrammed pendant like this one, in case of amnesia..?

On another Typographic note.., a friend sent me a clip of this young and super talented Brooklyn artist's work (in motion) . Her name in Dana and she works exclusively in chalk. 

Click here to see Dana in action, chalking up this whimsical mural at the Ace Hotel in NYC..

I'm in love with Dana's style..  She also created this gorgeous series of alphabet paperweights for West Elm.. You can check out more of Dana's work on her website.

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