Thursday, 15 December 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

Only ten sleeps until Santa, I tell Thom. To which he responds with a confused and slightly anxious look, probably thinking of his recent and terrifying run in with the man in red in a city department store... I'm certainly excited though, especially by the prospect of getting away for a while.
And in the meantime it's about making the house feel festive to bring on that holiday feeling...

The tree, a piece of bamboo is on a smaller scale than previous years. It's sits at end of the kitchen bench (up high where a certain someone can look and not touch). The decs are quite pared back too. Tomato red baubles, paper doves & mini led lights from Ikea. A beautiful garland crafted out of recycled storybooks bought at the Reverse Garbage store. Painted ceramic stars and disks from the clay play day and mini disco balls from our decoration box.

A few splashes of red, including some bunting I made from natural and pearlized cardboard off cut from Reverse Garbage and stripy Ikea wrapping paper.

My half attempt at a wreath.. I used a vintage letter 'O' and a few pieces from my ribbon stash.

Now for a few cheesy Christmas tunes. 'Last Christmas' anyone..?


  1. Love your decorating style. Your bunting is gorgeous. My children were not keen on Santa when they were little either. He terrified them! xx

  2. You have the best style...your holiday decorations are beautiful!

  3. oh! What a tidy house you have! I envy you ;)
    I like your funkie tree!