Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday five - upcycled wreaths

Two and a bit weeks to go and I'm already in a pretty festive mood. The Christmas shopping is 99 percent done, the tree's up and Thom has had his first encounter with the man in red (which was um memorable). Now for a little sewing (Thom's Christmas stocking and the little bags I haven't tackled yet), lots of baking and adding a few extra festive touches around the place..

A handmade wreaths would be a lovely addition.. These five inspired beauties caught my eye, when I was searching for decoration ideas. Aren't they beautiful?!




Where The Grass Is Greener

Boris Bally

Happy Friday! xx


  1. I love the second one! Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Love them all, they are so different - guess that's why I like them. xx