Friday, 28 October 2011

home and made not lately..

Ummm hello it's me, your absentee blogger...

A polite tap on the shoulder from a blogger friend (thanks Alicia) has brought me back into the bloggersphere after an embarrassingly long absence.

Where have I been?! What have I been doing?! A little bit, but nothing (other than having a very active 1 year old) that excuses such blogging slackness.. So I won't try and redeem myself with more lame excuses..

Instead I spent a very nice hour this morning reconnecting with all my favourite blogs, oohing & aahing at all the truly fabulous, inspired and often hilariously written stuff I've missed out on!!

In attempt to bring you up to date with my goings on and without resorting to a rambling essay,  here's a little scrapbook of what life has looked like here in my world lately...

1. Spring began with gorgeous pink peach blossoms, a gift from Cloudlake.
2. Yum! Rhubarb crumble muffins, my best yet (muffins that is, they're all I really bake).
3. This beautiful book is a typophiles dream, originally a gift for a like minded friend, who turned out     had it already and now is a worthy addition to our fledgling library.
4. Another gorgeous springtime gift.., these Queensland grown proteas & banksias are still gracing our dining table.
5. The garden's flourishing after early spring showers, especially my growing collection of spiky things...
6. A fun retro find at Woolloongabba Antiques was perfect for husband's first Father's day! I'm a really bad shot though, see E's score...
7 & 8. On a recent escape to Byron, we fell in love with this beautiful Robyn Sweeney piece at the very charming  Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby and picked up this colourful (and very forgiving) recycled leather rag rug at the super deluxe "Island Luxe" in Bangalow..

9. ""South of The Border", the cute beach shack with loads of personality, we called home in Byron.
10. My precious wee boag... Determined for this one to grow into a magnificent cloud of shocking pink, or at least survive this time...
11,12 & 14. Our Mexican flavour Byron lodgings also inspired Thom's 1st Birthday celebrations, maracas & all..!!
13. Sunny yellow lilies left over from the party. It's so nice having flowers in Thom's room (out of reach of course).

15 & 16. I Found these two retro treasures in my trusty local opshops, both for under a fiva too!!
17. My new (a wee bit Mad Men) Summer frock. I've got a bit of thing for orange at the moment.
18. More orange, an olde but a goode.. This bag was a gift from a friend many years (perhaps even decades ago) and it's probably my favourite Summer Bag..

Now to steal another 15 mins pouring over your blogs (before Thom wakes up).

Have a lovely weekend! xx

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  1. This was worth the wait! I am loving your little snapshot of what you've been up to. I love the way each collage works together beautifully! #1 had me right away...I love everything about it...first it's pink, I adore cherry blossoms, the piece it's on is very cool, love the walls, the art, the lamp and even a pink book so cleverly arranged. And Happy 1st birthday to Thom! Your dress and bag are fabulous! So happy you're back!


  2. Thanks Annie, you are so sweet (and forgiving of my slackness)! As it happens, the collage was inspired by your posts..!! xx