Saturday, 13 August 2011

holiday inspiration part 2 - street graffiti, bill posters & murals

As I was flicking through my photos in search of flowers for Tuesday's post, I came across quite a collection of street art pics, I thought I'd share too.

In fact there was a whole bunch of recurring themes, eg. shopfronts & market stalls; doorways & windows; old bicycles and interesting pattern & textures.

I love the graphic poster design against the blue graffiti - Vientiane, Laos
a wall of the bike taxi ads - Hanoi, Vietnam

striking black and white - The Marais, Paris

the infamous 'space invader' - Montmartre, Paris

under gothic ironwork - Lipscani, Bucharest

peeling back the layers, Prague

a small section of the 'Lennon Wall', Prague

a riot of clashing colour - Istanbul

sky scraper high - can't quite remember where in New York

a section of a beautiful waterfront mural - Kas, Turkey 
cute forget me not - Bozcaada marina, Turkey

Don't worry, I won't bore you with an endless slide show of my holiday snaps. But doing this has reminded me what a great source of reference your photos can be, especially for colour...

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  1. hello from Spain! Are you ok?

  2. Hi Alicia, Yes still here... Sorry I know I've been terribly slack!! Thanks for checking up on me. xx