Friday, 5 August 2011

Bags of inspired style..

Yesterdays post was a bit of a rant.., so I thought I'd better end the week on more positive and inspiring note.

Courtesy of the latest MAP magazine (The Eco Issue), comes a piece on a very talented and forward thinking accessory designer, Canadian Ashley Watson.

"Ashley and her staff handcraft her one-of-a-kind leather products using exclusively recycled material. She began designing handbags with recycled leather in early 2005, inspired by the original features of soft and gently worn jackets purchased from charity thrift stores. She ultimately incorporates these features, such as pockets and seams, into each unique bag or wallet design."

How often do you see those puffy (generally 80's) leather jackets gathering dust at your local op shop? They're often made of the softest leather, but are so well.., outdated, I've never given them a second thought, until now!!

I really love this idea, especially Ashley's relaxed, slouchy style... You can find out more about Ashley and treat yourself to one of her many lovely pieces here.

Wishing you all an inspired weekend!! xx

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