Friday, 8 July 2011

who doesn't love a good frock drama..?

My husband for one..  Not me though!!  I'm mad for them and Downton Abbey is my latest obsession! 

Sure, it's pure soap opera and has been made for commercial telly, with a production budget to rival the biggest Hollywood blockbuster..  Don't let all this put you off though... It's sooo deliciously good! 

What a treat to look at too... every frame, from the opening credits to the very end is chock full of Edwardian gorgeousness. 

The scenes shot in the grounds of Highclere Castle (where the series is filmed) are probably my favourite. They've got me longing for Spring, white linens, lace and high teas on the lawn..  

Downton inspiration..

Season final on this Sunday night.., can't wait!!  

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  1. this serie has not arrived to Spain yet (I think).Looks so nice! I will try at the imternet :)