Friday, 15 July 2011

the last cuppa..

Our toaster has been a bit dodgy for a while now and the fridge is almost certainly on its last legs, but our trusty kettle has always been dependable.., until this morning!

After almost ten years of service and many thousands of hot beverages, our first purchase as a couple (awww) has died..

No time to be sentimental though, I refuse to start the day without a strong, hot cup of tea and so this weekend, I'll be out hunting down a worthy replacement.

Not sure style wise though, should I go..

 cheerful with an 80's vibe? I kinda like this one..


stovetop? probably not..

 scandi vintage? slim chance of scoring one of these treasures..

or same as before? Yeah, probably..

1 comment:

  1. I love that Bodum one - the colour is so cheerful. I didn't know Bodum made electrical kettles. Ours is similar to your old one and is still going strong. xx