Wednesday, 1 June 2011

not so fantastic plastic

Last week, after years of just 'watching'..,  I finally experienced the rush from bidding on and 'winning' my first Ebay item!! 

My glittering prize was a set of classic Kartell nesting tables, at a too good to be true price.. Wow, what a bargain I thought.., perfect side table solution I thought...  

My husband brought them home and it was love at first sight!

On closer inspection however, it became clear that life has not been kind to these little tables at all. 
Alas, even with some serious spit and polish on my part there seems to be little chance of restoring them back to their original glory... 

The next best thing I guess would be to respray them.
I've done a bit of research and it appears that there is several decent paint products out there just made for such a job... I was even thinking of being a bit zany and spraying them three different (maybe tonal) colours. What do you think??

Before I take the plunge and spend up at Bunnings on paint though, I'd love to know if anyone out there has undertaken a similar restoration and has any tips?!

I really hope I can salvage them.., if not they may become destined to be my first Ebay sale...

ps. I've been trying to post this for a couple of days... I seem to keep getting these bugs in Blogger! Anyone else having the same problems..?


  1. My goodness - congratulations on your first ebay purchase! I warn you - it's very addictive! When I first got on there to get rid of some things all I then wanted to do was walk around the house looking for things to sell!

  2. they are nice! I agree with you maybe you should paint them in three tonal tones :) I have had some problems with blogger too, but is ok now.

  3. We bought a set of these in orange in a similar condition and used Ajax powder to scrub them up to be as good as new!

  4. Thanks Jenny! Good ol Ajax, just added it too my shopping list..

  5. Good job for winning your first eBay item and I am pretty sure that more of your item will become winning too. Anyways they are all fabulous, maybe a little bit paint and I am pretty sure it will look like precious. Big thanks.

    Charles A