Tuesday, 7 June 2011

que sera sera...

Some time ago, while wasting an hour (or two) browsing realestate.com.au, I came across a little house that made my heart skip a beat...

Undeterred by the sad state of disrepair (it was pretty much advertised as a demolition job), it's location on a busy road or the fact that we're really not in the market to buy anything right now.., I immediately began dreaming and scheming of how to rescue this little yellow butterfly from the wrecking ball and transform it into our modernist dream home.

My (far too practical) husband was not at all convinced though.., In his opinion, my new love could only mean trouble, very expensive trouble and was surprised that after all the Grand Designs and Sarah Beeny property disasters I'd watched, I didn't know better.. So for the time being I dropped it.

Secretly though, I just couldn't let it go and last weekend I finally dragged the family across town for a visit. Seeing the house in the flesh instantly reignited my interest and not just mine either!! Husband was more than warming to the idea...

After spending the next couple of days sketching potential floor plans on napkins and talking endlessly of how best to bring this baby back to her fabulous former glory.., I finally rang the realestate agent this morning and......

It's gone!!! The dream is over..!

Ah well, back to reality, I guess... or until the next diversion.
ps. On the up side, I'm pretty sure the little butterfly is being bought by a like minded soul, so it may be saved after all..


  1. I was just distracted enough to read your post! I saw that house too and tried to find it on its road, but forgot the number.

    I'm so glad you saw it and so happy someone else (you) loved the look of it. I do hope a like-mind bought it, and that it won't be bull-dozed. However, I think that may be optimistic though, as it was pretty cheap.

  2. No way! My friend, who is an architect, was looking at that place too. xx

  3. A'ha! Apparently, the buyer is an architect brismod . Your friend perhaps..??

  4. Oh! I know this feeling too! I was in love with and old flat with a beautiful view , we visited it three times, we measured it too, but it was expensive and my "too practical husband" (as yours!) said no. Recently the flat has been sold :(