Tuesday, 17 May 2011

new boots...

The Hampton food fest everything I expected. Great food, music and stunning Autumn weather. We came away with full bellies and laden with organic vegies (3 avocados for $2),  home made ravioli, jams & an especially yummy raspberry vinegar...

What I wasn't expecting was the sartorial elegance on show. Those country ladies really know how to dress for the cooler weather... The common denominator on the style front were the boots! Proper country boots, comfortable and tough enough to kick around in all day, then dust off for the trip into 'town'...  I want some!

This Ralph Lauren pair I spied online here would fit the bill nicely.., vintage tan leather, stacked heel, mid calf, a little bit biker... shame they're a tad out of my price range.  Though the mid year Sales are just around the corner, so you never know...


  1. Hello. Isn't that funny? I've just been on etsy looking at 60s stacked heel boots. I love them! I'm short though and am worried about the 'look ridiculous' factor.

    Cute bloggggg!

  2. Sorry, I meant to post my last comment on this post not the one before!!

    Sounds like you had lots of fun!! Love the country...I think I would live in the country if I didn't have to live here in the city!!!

    Hope you're having a great week!!

  3. MMMC, I too am a shortie and I reckon it's all in the attitude... Never thought of Etsy for shoes. I must have a look.

    Anna, we often dream of a charmed life in the hills, Shannon Fricke style. Alas a long commute to the big smoke would be our reality too. One day maybe...