Thursday, 19 May 2011

a cute tea towel a day keeps the washing up blues away...

Our dishwasher has an annoying habit of leaving everything wet at the end of the cycle (it also has a faulty detergent dispenser but that's a whole other gripe..). This means hand drying, which I usually loath.

The one saving grace is my much loved and ever growing collection of tea towels is getting plenty of use... They're kitsch, colourful, functional and they make drying sort of fun, well almost...

These two vintage numbers from the Manly markets are my latest acquisition. They come from the home of a serious tea towel collector, who apparently has over 700! All in mint condition of course...

 I find it hard to resist a mag with a freebie tea towel attached, especially when they're this cute.

My Bestie gave me this one in an attempt to lure us back north, when we lived in Sydney. 
Guess it did the trick...

Some people collect snow globes from their travels. Personally I love a good souvenir tea towel, so much more practical.


  1. I love fun colourful teatowels too and they definately brighten up the kitchen and the washing-up. I love your blog Elle, especially the beautiful photos. So nice to read enjoying a hot cuppa, when I really I should be doing a million other jobs, love Maddy x x x

  2. you have a nice collection!