Tuesday, 19 June 2012

a spot of home sewing...

Where on earth have the last seven weeks gone?!

Other than keeping busy with a little freelance work, preparing for the imminent arrival of numero two (now only 3 and a bit weeks away) and surviving the first family flu of the season, it's just a blur...

I admit, third trimester fatigue has well and truly set in, so any motivation to post a blog is generally overridden by an opportunity to curl up and have a nap...

I've also been churning out a few soft furnishings (ok mainly cushion covers) as part of my nesting craze.

First job was transforming the junk/ironing room into some semblance of a nursery..  Although it's a tiny space, it's filled with morning sunlight and now with the injection of some colour, it's beginning to feel like a proper little nursery. Just add baby!

Painterly Ikea fabric & raw linen backed with seersucker 

Sewed my first curtains out of this fun candy stripe drill, also from Ikea.

 I had a little leftover fabric to revamp this shade..

Thom is quite intrigued by all this shuffling of furniture (the cot was only recently his), the new car seat, pram etc.., so as not to feel left out, his room got a little home sewn love too..

A felt, denim & cord cushion for his 'story chair'..

And a couple of strings of festive felt bunting... Felt is my new favourite thing!

And lastly our bedroom got some much long overdue attention... 

Still very much a work in progress, the room is slowly coming together. My painted bedsides are finally in, after many months gathering dust in the garage.
I also made a pair of new pillowslips (the easiest, cheapest thing in the world) from this pretty floral cotton I found at Spotlight and revamped an old Indian mirrored cushion with some coral pink drill for a pop of colour..

A dash of coral, my new favourite colour!!
Now with Thom taking his midday nap, I really should get on with sorting out the study.
Or I could just have a little lie down instead...


  1. El, your place looks so lovely - and well done you on the new/revamped things! Your bed looks beautiful! and I hope you are enjoying your nap.

  2. Just love the new cushions - especially Thom's T and the letters look great too - a well deserved nap, we think

  3. Thanks Diane!! Just checked out your blog too, 'Thrifty Nifty Things'. Lovely!!

    And thank you Em and R&R, though I fear my napping days will soon by over.. xx

  4. so nice! Your house looks so clean, tidy and cozy!