Monday, 25 June 2012

i think i might have a thing for rust..

While enjoying my mug of hot chocolate this morning, I couldn't help admire the rosy glow a pot of my succulents had taken on and how lovely they looked against some rusted hurricanes..

Then I began to notice all the other warm rusty hued things that had crept into our home over the years. I'm surrounded..

and in

to snuggle up on..
under our feet..

in my wardrobe..
decorating the walls and tables..

I also (and perhaps subconsciously) picked out a rust knit skirt for myself and a pair of oxblood pants for Thom while shopping the other day.

It appears I musty really have a thing for rusty hues... Or maybe they just make everything feel a little toastier, when it's cold and grey outside?  What cool weather colours are you drawn to??

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